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For my cousin Justin Alexander Emmons (1973 – 2007)

I wish to express my gratitude for the kind words and stories from Justin’s friends and family. It gives me a better picture of a man who connects us all at this place today. Let us continue to celebrate the life of my cousin Justin. All right, JAE. This one’s for you. Being an only child I didn’t have siblings around day-to-day. What I did have was time at a special place with the person closest to me as a brother, my cousin Justin. Us cousins loved to spend time at the Grandparents. Their home, our sanctuary, rested at the … Continue reading

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From the Bay of Islands to the Bay Area

Not only was yesterday the 4th of July, it also happened to be the end of the 4th week for me residing in California. Erica had arrived a couple weeks earlier and was set up for us at our friend’s house. The drive out over the hill past Alice’s is beautiful, winding, hilly; bicyclists, motor cyclists, and car enthusiasts love to converge there. This makes a routine commute incredibly annoying. After spending the weekend in the city to see Tortoise we booked in to a hotel. We found a place to live and after spending the next weekend in a … Continue reading

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