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The Man Burned Last Night

A person known to the Billboard Liberation Front, Paul Addis, was arrested for lighting the man last night. The man burned after the lunar eclipse last night. The charred remains have been removed from the foundation and a new man will be up in time for the scheduled burn on Saturday. With this year’s theme of the Green Man, it seems appropriate that this is the year someone pulled off the age-old joke of igniting it early. An outlaw working alone, Paul pulled off something which will be remembered for some time. At least he did it early enough in … Continue reading

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The First Day as an Embedded Coach

After my team’s daily stand up, I went to join the embedded team. Looking over all the tasks entered the day before I tried to figure out what feature they belonged to, writing down the task, ID, feature and hours on sticky notes. Endeavoring to finish before stand up which happens at mid day, I wasn’t even a third the way through by then. I did manage to write down impediments to put up in a visible list tomorrow but really had no idea if they were talking about the tasks entered, and no idea which feature in the white … Continue reading

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The First Day as an Embedded Scrum Master

The day started with an end and beginning to a Sprint. With the cycle being so short, the team was devoting 30 minutes each to review and retrospective and an entire hour for Sprint Planning. I could see where the review could handle the short length and knew planning could be short since most of it was done for the team already the day before. I was hoping as the new Scrum Master to have the chance to run the meetings, but they went on routinely and it was obvious all I should do is just listen in. Of course, … Continue reading

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Finally Embedded

It took a little while to get it going, since I’ve been employed now for 6 weeks. Same as our new CEO. As a matter of fact, my orientation was cut short for an all-hands to inform us of the matter. It makes for an interesting background to my entree into this company. For me the objective when I started was simple; shadow another coach, and find a team needing help with Scrum and embed with them. Stand ups were attended, training delivered, some work off loaded from other team members and contacts made. It was through one of these … Continue reading

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