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Speaker Series

A lot of popular folks come to Yahoo! and hang out. There are experts, authors, musicians, luminaries, – giving talks, running workshops, attending conferences, performing, and being a presence on the campus. Our own group has had people in. I’m not sure who they all are. I hear there was Mary Poppendieck, who’s suggestion of eliminating waste may have been interpreted by a few as meaning some roles could be considered redundant. Seems a shame. Since I’ve been around, there has been two people we’ve brought in. The first was Jim Coplien, who shook things up a bit. People are … Continue reading

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Blessed from another Yahoo! blogger

We have a few people here that blog, and some are listed in the blogging guidelines as experts. I sent a note out to ask see if they thought I was within the guidelines. Here’s what I got back from JR Conlin: Hey Aaron, The fact that you’re asking puts you in a reasonably small group of folks. The fact that you read the guidelines puts you into a smaller one. You’re doing the right thing. Looking at the posts on your blog, i don’t see anything that’s a red flag. (heck, I don’t see anything that’s even lightly yellow … Continue reading

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Anatomy of the Corbis Operations Review

Recently on the kanbandev Yahoo! group, there were some messages going back and forth between Corey and David on the differences between a retrospective and an operations review. I think it was decided that the decoupled Operations review is more of a presentation, where the retrospective is a focused discussion. Corey was relating the ops review as multi-team stand up in the large, and then it sounds as if the retrospective would be follow-up work for specific teams. At any rate, here’s David’s explanation: Anatomy of an Operations Review Operations Review Chapter 14 from Agile Management: Operations Review

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I am an INTP

Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver INTPs organize their understanding of any topic by articulating principles, and they are especially drawn to theoretical constructs – such as the MBTI. INTPs are most likely to find interesting and satisfying those careers that make use of their depth of concentration, their grasp of possibilities, their use of logic and analysis, and their adaptability. INTPs are about 1% of the general population, making this one of the rarest of types. What are you?

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Predictability in Action

An article in the Scrum Alliance.

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Finding and Releasing a Product Development Bottleneck

With iterative software, we talk about doing all the necessary functions, such as Design, Develop, Inspect, and Release, within each cycle to increment the value of available software to the customer. Our team divides the things in progress in to these categories, and has a finite amount of slots available to each category. Friday after the daily stand-up found me, the Product Owner (PO) and the Lead Developer discussing a constraint to work. The Design category is done with its work, but the ready slot for Development is full. The team cannot pull any work in to this area. The … Continue reading

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Carnival of Agilists – 9/20/07

A little while ago I received the following email: Dear agile bloggers, Your recent blog post, reference or article has been referenced in the latest Carnival of Agilists – the blogroll pointing you to some of the latest thoughts in the agile community. The carnival is a biweekly blog posting rotated through the agile community to point others seeking to learn more through agile practitioners. The source for the carnival posting this week is at It is also referenced at the Agile Alliance Carnival located at Thanks for your contributions and feel free to spread the word through additional … Continue reading

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