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Whole Team Incentives – Redeeming Features for Rewards

After VYC2.0 launched, I was asked who were the heroes in the group. The one or two people who deserved recognition for all of their hard work. I was hunting around for the email chain, but I’m pretty diligent about deleting emails. I wish sometimes I wasn’t so relentless at that, but I don’t have it. Essentially, I responded that calling out a couple of people creates competition, that everyone stepped up and deserves to be recognized. Management agreed, and everyone involved wound up with a Flip, and I was asked how we may be able to codify some whole … Continue reading

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Advisement Centers

Places for me to seek advice. sounding boards informed opinions the present moment realization Sounding boards are my friends and family which offer their permission for me to test their reaction to a statement or feeling of mine. Through discussion with knowledge experts and researching their work, I look to the informed opinions of those with solid facts, or experience with my problem domain. Awareness of the present moment is enhanced for me through meditation and physical activity; such as hiking, dancing, drawing or snowboarding. Moving in and out of the present keeps me in tune with my body, thoughts, … Continue reading

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Agile Team Members – Roles and Responsibilities

The following was written by myself and edited by my manager to help define roles in our group. Modifications have consisted of removing any reference to the specific group. This is largely influenced in the writing by David Anderson’s book Agile Management. Most of the wording for the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master come from the Scrum Alliance, with specific cites on the role’s title. Influences in the editing have a decidedly more traditional feel to the statements, and leaves one feeling they are behind the steering wheel of some analogous car. Agile Team Members – Roles & … Continue reading

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KFC Slides and Simulation Now Online

Available from Karl’s blog for download. The session went well, everybody returned for the second half from the first half. I really enjoyed the simulation at the end, although we ran out of time to fully go through it. If you happen to use it, would you contact us and let us know how it went?

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KFC Development – Finger Lickin’ Good

As Karl Scotland noted, we will be presenting a session on Kanban, Flow and Cadence (KFC) at the Agile Conference this year. This will be Thursday 7 August from 8-10 and then 10:30 to noon in the Essex Ballroom as part of the Breaking Acts Stage. This workshop explores three important Lean concepts – Kanban, Flow and Cadence (KFC) – which can be combined to generate a more pipeline-based approach to software development, as opposed to the more common timebox-based approaches of more traditional Agile methods. The presenters will describe their experiences implementing these ideas at Yahoo! and explain the … Continue reading

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