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Interview with Brian Marick – Intent of the Gordon Pask Award

Aaron: I was reading your old blog and found, “We in the Agile community need to do more to promote and encourage the rising stars of tomorrow”. What was happening at the time that prompted you to assert this? Brian: I was at that time hanging around with a professor of sociology at the University of Illinois, who was writing a book on the British cyberneticians; very larger-than-life figures, but who had no effect. Eventually they retired, or died, and that was kind of the end of it. The first wave of people failed to build up the next wave. … Continue reading

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Death by Scrum Meeting

I recently received an email from a senior-level manager, who raises a valid question about all the meetings associated with Scrum. This particular instance of Scrum has over 50 people working in more than one locale. When yet another meeting was created, he raised a valid question: 90 minutes every week for backlog hygiene? And that is on top of all other scrums, scrum of scrums, business reviews, can we ship, planning etc. meetings and scrums? I am getting seriously concerned about our state and efficiency. If we need to spend 90 minutes on this weekly, than, IMHO, someone is … Continue reading

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