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What makes this Agile ours? A talk with previous Gordon Pask Award winners.

This is the submission I had accepted for Agile 2009. Since the link to the submission may still be password protected, I’ll include the session here. Stage: Leadership & Teams — Type: Panel room: Toronto — time: Monday 11:00-11:45, Monday 11:45-12:30 Level: Practicing The Agile Alliance states that “The Gordon Pask Award recognizes two people whose recent contributions to Agile Practice make them, in the opinion of the Award Committee, people others in the field should emulate.” This panel brings together some of the previous winners so that they may share their contributions and help encourage others to participate in … Continue reading

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Interview with Jim Shore – 2005 Pask Award Winner

Aaron: What one thing was most important for you to mention in your acceptance speech? Jim: When Brian told me the main thought that came to my mind was, “Oh, boy… what am I going to do with this?” It is the only award that the Agile community gives. I had this overwhelming sense of responsibility, “How can I live up to this?” For the acceptance speech itself, I felt it important to mention the other people out there who are also contributing. Aaron: How did you get involved in Agile and why is it important to you? Jim: In … Continue reading

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