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What do you think the INVEST acronym is for #Agile User Stories?

This is a question I asked recently of a newly-formed Scrum team in a User Story Writing workshop. It occurred to me to not just blurt it out and to let them offer suggestions instead. They were very willing to contribute and I’d like to share the answers they came up with: I Improve, Innovate, Integrate, Intent, Invent, Interesting, Initial N Navigate, New, Novel, Negotiate V Viewable, Viable, Value E Effective, Easy, Evaluate S Stable, Scope, Simple, Satisfied, Success, Scalable T Testing, Time After a couple of rounds of shout-outs I asked if they’d like the answer, and they kept … Continue reading

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Inside the #lsmsf Lean Startup Machine

For the first time since snowboarding for a living, I once again love my job as an Agile coach. Sometimes I wonder if working with transforming large enterprises would be easier if I invested some time working with younger people attempting newer concepts in smaller companies. I got my first chance to test that theory the weekend of 16 Jan by joining The Lean Startup Machine in San Francisco. The picture to the left links to a book we were all given as homework to read for the event. While I did skim it, along with the Lean Startup Machine … Continue reading

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