Blessed from another Yahoo! blogger

We have a few people here that blog, and some are listed in the blogging guidelines as experts. I sent a note out to ask see if they thought I was within the guidelines. Here’s what I got back from JR Conlin:

Hey Aaron,
The fact that you’re asking puts you in a reasonably small group of folks. The fact that you read the guidelines puts you into a smaller one.

You’re doing the right thing.

Looking at the posts on your blog, i don’t see anything that’s a red flag. (heck, I don’t see anything that’s even lightly yellow or a lovely shade of chartreuse.) Even the most recent work related post at:
discusses things from a methodology rather than “Bob was a total idiot”.

* You’re thinking about what you’re posting.
* You’re not posting up something that will come back and haunt you (my boss, the head of YDN, can tell you a nice horror story about that sort of thing and how the news folks can completely goof up regardless of your best efforts to fix it.)
* You’re not posting up something that you shouldn’t (e.g. Jerry was talking the other day about how much PropertyX sucks and is going to be shut down next month…)

I’m happy to keep an eye on things, but for the most part, i wouldn’t sweat it too bad. There are folks here that are doing far worse things than you are.

Still, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Oh yeah, and have fun.

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