June 22, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Help! I’m a Product Owner!

Have you asked yourself any of the following?

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training may help“How is my role as a product owner different from traditional product manager or project sponsor?”

“How can I accurately tell management when they’ll get their requests?”

“What are the daily tasks and responsibilities of the Product Owner?”

“How do I know if our product is meeting our customers’ needs?”

“What makes a good user story?”

“How can we build better software at a faster pace?” You are not alone. In fact, this course was designed specially for YOU!

This course is different

While this course covers the details needed to fulfill or support the Product Owner role, understanding the role and its responsibilities isn’t enough. Aaron’s course offers a user-centric design approach to make successful products, in a truly collaborative way. You’ll be confident in your ability to:

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training can help people to Stop, Collaborate and Listen better

Stop, Collaborate and Listen by Mark

  • Perform the Product Owner and Product Discovery Teamdaily work practices
  • Draw from a variety of sources to support your productdiscovery and design work
  • Gain empathy with your users to understand how best your product serves their needs
  • Practice effective collaboration that spotlights shared understanding and ownership of your products

The Nitty Gritty Details
aka: Learning Objectives

Build foundational knowledge

  • Scrum Framework
  • Product Owner Role
  • Story Workshops

Create shared context

  • Card modeling and affinity mapping
  • Story map to describe outcomes
  • Design communication

Collaborate effectively

  • Use pace keeping cards
  • Check completion and consensus
  • Quality-based process evaluation

Extend Scrum

  • Wrap delivery with discovery
  • Form balanced discovery teams
  • Discover and manage opportunities
Gain user empathy

  • The User-Centered Design Process
  • Segmenting the target market
  • Create & validate Persona Sketches

Continually use Design Thinking

  • Concept critique and test
  • Widen the solution set
  • Merge ideas into a narrative flow

Practice deliberate discovery

  • Frame the solution context
  • Invest in right-fidelity prototyping
  • Test the product hypothesis

paper prototyping in Certified Scrum Product Owner training

How is this course designed?

In this course, we work through a design challenge and build a product solution. You will organize into balanced product teams and work together to:


  1. Describe the opportunity and evaluate strategies to obtain it
  2. Perform user research and sketch personas in order to gain empathy with those most affected by the opportunity
  3. Establish a broad shared understanding by co-creating a visible model
  4. Present a narrative of how people could interact with the solution
  5. Ideate and iterate through specific challenges identified and refine solutions
  6. Communicate a viable hypothesis
  7. Demonstrate effective collaboration techniques
  8. Detail the design solution
  9. Prototype a minimal viable product experiment
  10. Test ongoing work with target users and customers
  11. Evaluate your team’s approach to product discovery and delivery

Interested in learning more?

Contact Aaron to find out how you can bring this course to your organization and start using these tools, concepts and practices.

What will I get?

  • Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Course materials and handouts
  • 16 PMI PDUs

Um, is there a discount if I want to bring a team?

You betcha! Bring your own team of 3-5, and get group pricing. Bring 6-10, get even more off! Ten or more? Maybe he can come to you….

What do past participants say?

“Clearly knowledgeable, interesting, patient.”

“Aaron is the real deal and would recommend him with no reservation. He truly adapts to your organization needs and practices what he coaches.”

“Ability to keep full engagement and positivity.”

“Aaron is a great teacher and coach. I worked with him on a major agile transition. I found his teaching style very compelling and I really like the work he has done to integrate product discovery with agile delivery. I hope to work with Aaron again and look forward to that time.”