I’d tell Max, learn to putt.

fremitic ideation Have you ever heard of strengthsfinder.com? It has nothing to do with the image on the left. I searched for Ideation and don’t you think this one is pretty crazy?

Anyway, some time ago at the place I worked we all read the first 2 books. The second we’d refer to as now-disco. Almost like one word. I’ve always thought of them as, “First, Break Now, Disco”. One guy added “stabby” to his strengths.

I took the test again and this time, my top strengths are: Ideation, Intellection, Maximizer, Learner and Input. A colleague suggested to create a mnemonic and “I’d tell Max, learn to putt.”, is what I made. If you’ve taken the test, what are your strengths? What acronym or other phrase could you craft them in to?

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