KFC Development – Finger Lickin’ Good

As Karl Scotland noted, we will be presenting a session on Kanban, Flow and Cadence (KFC) at the Agile Conference this year. This will be Thursday 7 August from 8-10 and then 10:30 to noon in the Essex Ballroom as part of the Breaking Acts Stage.

This workshop explores three important Lean concepts – Kanban, Flow and Cadence (KFC) – which can be combined to generate a more pipeline-based approach to software development, as opposed to the more common timebox-based approaches of more traditional Agile methods. The presenters will describe their experiences implementing these ideas at Yahoo! and explain the concepts using examples, simulations and games. In addition, because this is a new and emerging way of working, there will be an opportunity for discussion between the participants about how the ideas might be applied in their own situations, in order to advance the art.

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