The typical approach

We’ve noticed that many consultants schedule one-on-one interviews and spend days with team members collecting information. After which the consultants schedule a time to present a written report and disappear to generate it. During the presentation it gets a little awkward. At the end people seem confused and unsure what to do. How about something completely different?

Our approach

We bring together groups who have common interests and challenges together for active discussions. During the sessions everyone contributes to notes that we capture “out loud” with stickies on a whiteboard or the virtual equivalent.

Aaron Sanders, Agile Coach
A map co-created by everyone in the session. Colors for things like tasks, comments and ideas.

The discussions reveal themes unique to a group and some that span groups. It usually takes a day or two to get through all the groups. In the final session we review the patterns to generate insights and ideas. We invite executives and a person or two from each group interviewed to participate in this final session.

Results enhance follow-on coaching

Through a series of activities we uncover organizational strengths and challenges. You end the day with a deeper understanding of your organization and perform a process health check. We end the day with valuable insights for how to custom-fit subsequent teaching and coaching work. Participants generate a few ah-has and enjoy the experience.

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