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Evaluate Process Qualities, not Process Compliance

Many people are familiar with process evaluation like The Nokia Test. There are also mash-ups of popular assessments, and I like The Borland Agile Assessment about the best, because it focuses on qualities (We work in an environment of trust and respect), rather than compliance (Single Product Backlog). Jeff Patton wrote an article, Performing a Simple Process Health Checkup that is based upon properties taken from Alistair Cockburn’s book Crystal Clear.  The following is a modified version that a client and I put together for their context. 

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Consequences of Thinking, Fast and Slow – Blog Series

Have you read the book Thinking, Fast and Slow? Getting asked that occasionally I did little more that watch a video of it from AsapSCIENCE), so that I could nod vaguely as the person who asked me talked about it. Picking it up more than a couple of years after its release I made my way through it all, pausing frequently. Pausing because it’s information dense and I needed to process what I was reading. And as I processed, it made me think about what it means for how I teach and coach people.

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My response for a Project Manager trying to improve the use of Agile

tl;dr A Project Manager asks me at the end of a class how best to show progress in Agile projects, since phases can’t be checked off complete. My questions for him are: can measures like lead time, throughput, and defect rates be measured across any type of project? What tools are used to track the work from larger goals and initiatives through to smaller stories and tasks? He decided to have the tool vendors used demonstrate full system capabilities, from portfolio management to daily task tracking.

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