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I’d tell Max, learn to putt.

Have you ever heard of strengthsfinder.com? It has nothing to do with the image on the left. I searched for Ideation and don’t you think this one is pretty crazy? Anyway, some time ago at the place I worked we all read the first 2 books. The second we’d refer to as now-disco. Almost like one word. I’ve always thought of them as, “First, Break Now, Disco”. One guy added “stabby” to his strengths. I took the test again and this time, my top strengths are: Ideation, Intellection, Maximizer, Learner and Input. A colleague suggested to create a mnemonic and … Continue reading

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I am an INTP

Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver INTPs organize their understanding of any topic by articulating principles, and they are especially drawn to theoretical constructs – such as the MBTI. INTPs are most likely to find interesting and satisfying those careers that make use of their depth of concentration, their grasp of possibilities, their use of logic and analysis, and their adaptability. INTPs are about 1% of the general population, making this one of the rarest of types. What are you?

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