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Keeping Progress High and Questions Low

Everyone Wants to Know Status Vianet established a cadence around Scrum and soon our customer, stakeholders, executives and others would ask how the current Sprint was going. The people asking questions numbered more than we had on the team. The questioning increased as a Sprint neared its end. I asked if people could hold off with the questions until the end of the Sprint. It had become too much of a distraction for the team. Designing Good Retrospectives A friend suggested that I read “Agile Retrospectives” by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen. The book was recommended to me to help … Continue reading

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Inside the #lsmsf Lean Startup Machine

For the first time since snowboarding for a living, I once again love my job as an Agile coach. Sometimes I wonder if working with transforming large enterprises would be easier if I invested some time working with younger people attempting newer concepts in smaller companies. I got my first chance to test that theory the weekend of 16 Jan by joining The Lean Startup Machine in San Francisco. The picture to the left links to a book we were all given as homework to read for the event. While I did skim it, along with the Lean Startup Machine … Continue reading

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How do you handle Sprint review and retrospective for multiple Scrum teams?

If there are multiple teams working off of one Product Backlog, how best to reflect and close the iteration? I see these choices: choice 1: one review per team one retrospective per team one consolidated review for everyone at end choice 2: one consolidated review one retrospective per team choice 3: one consolidated review one consolidated retrospective I have a bias to the last choice, if space is not a factor. What is yours? Do you prefer another way to coordinate these meetings? Here are my definitions for these Scrum ceremonies. Sprint Review: Story time. Only stories which are DONE … Continue reading

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Leading a Retrospective Before Introducing Kanban to a Team

Introduction On September 25th I facilitated a Product-level retrospective. The purpose of this retrospective was to look back at how user stories find their way to production, and to find ways to shorten the process and increase quality. The format of the retrospective was taken directly from the book Agile Retrospectives. This style can be used on iteration/release/product cycles. It breaks the meeting down in to 5 components: Set the Stage, Gather Data, Generate Insights, Decide What To Do, and Closing. There are many activities which can be used to help with each phase. Choosing the correct activities becomes much … Continue reading

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