What makes this Agile ours? A talk with previous Gordon Pask Award winners.

Gordon Pask Award Logo Mockup This is the submission I had accepted for Agile 2009. Since the link to the submission may still be password protected, I’ll include the session here.

Stage: Leadership & Teams — Type: Panel
room: Toronto — time: Monday 11:00-11:45, Monday 11:45-12:30

Level: Practicing

The Agile Alliance states that “The Gordon Pask Award recognizes two people whose recent contributions to Agile Practice make them, in the opinion of the Award Committee, people others in the field should emulate.” This panel brings together some of the previous winners so that they may share their contributions and help encourage others to participate in building the body of Agile knowledge. For the intermediate practitioner, it should reinforce the notion that as we practice Agile and learn how to adapt for the best outcome, sharing what we learn helps the whole community.


The target audience is David, Agile Developer, who is a practicing Agilist. David may not be aware of the award, nor the Panel of who David is. David is out there doing incredibly good work and too humble/busy/whatever to say much about it. Past winners may be looked up to by David, and he might like to share his ideas if he felt camaraderie with the group. Let’s find out what he’d like to know from the previous winners, and what he would like to contribute about what he has been up to.

The audience will come up with questions to ask and ideas to present. We will end up with a prioritized list for the session. For those who wish to continue the discussion, we will have a final iteration of the session in the Open Space area.

Each question will be given one minute to ask, 2-3 minutes per person to answer, for a total of 10 minutes per question.
Each idea will have 3-5 minutes to present, and 2-3 minutes to answer questions, one-at-a-time, for a total of 15 minutes per idea.
Time limits will strictly be adhered to with a signal.

3 iterations of 30 minutes each, with 20-25 minutes in each iteration dedicated to the discussion.

Iteration 1

  1. Introduce audience to writing questions and ideas (2 minutes)
  2. Very brief intro of the session and explanation of the award. (3 minutes)
  3. Prioritize questions and ideas (2 minutes)
  4. Facilitate question answering and idea presentation from backlog. (15-20 minutes for questions)
  5. Quick reflection on iteration (3 minutes)

Iteration 2

  1. Facilitate question answering and idea presentation from backlog (25 minutes)
  2. Quick reflection on iteration, and possible addition of ideas and questions, with reprioritization (5 minutes)

Iteration 3

  1. Facilitate question answering and idea presentation from backlog (20 minutes)
  2. Retrospective on session (10 minutes)

Take it to Open Space for one more Iteration

Learning outcomes
  • Understand what the Pask award is and why it is given
  • Gain insight in to how the Pask award members enable Agile in new areas
  • Learn how the Pask award functions as encouragement
  • Share innovative practices currently implemented in our community (by you!)
  • Strengthen the network of emergent Agile leaders
Featured participants
Bob Payne
Arlo Belshee
Steve Freeman
Kenji Hiranabe
Laurent Bossavit
J. B. Rainsberger
Jeff Patton
James Shore


Primary target persona

David, Agile Developer


Other target personas

Alex, Architect
Carlos, Internal Coach
Chandra, Consultant
David, Agile Developer
Ellie, Agile Explorer
Garrett, Guru
Rose, Researcher
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